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At the initial stages of a personal injury case the main goals are to ensure you get proper medical care, and that we locate and preserve all the evidence we can if your case would need to proceed to trial.  Many of the big box firms want cases in and out as fast as possible.  […]

Personal Injury

December 23, 2021

What should I expect during a Personal Injury case?

Estate Planning is a term that has very broad connotations depending on the needs of the individual.  Generally speaking, Estate Planning is the process that takes place where you put in place a carefully designed schematic to ensure that your affairs are handled the way you wish upon your disability or death.   This includes looking […]

Estate Planning

December 23, 2021

What is Estate Planning?

Truck Driver Negligence Truck drivers are often incentivized to deliver their cargo as quickly as possible.  This can lead to corner cutting or taking on excessive shifts.  Sometimes this results in a crash causing thousands of dollars in damages and severely injuring others.  Additionally, some drivers are just not as good as others.  We review […]

Personal Injury

December 23, 2021

How are Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies Negligent?

Personal injury cases are legal disputes that arise when one person gets injured because of some action or lack of action by another person.  When get hurt and the fault lies, at least in part, with another person, you are entitled to recover money from them to cover your costs and expenses.   Most of the […]

Personal Injury

December 23, 2021

What is Personal Injury Law?




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